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Here you will find art to wear, share,  and enjoy. We lovingly refer to these pieces of jewelry, accessories, collectibles and whatever else that flies out, as Designs. The skillful execution of each will never stop being a handmade artistic expression just for you. 

All of our clay designs are made out of polymer clay baked accordingly with the size of the piece and then coated in a glaze specifically formulated for polymer clay. Polymer clay is made of plastic and so  that makes our designs nice and durable! Everything is made to order, hand-made, and hand drawn with no molds or stencils!  Our Digital and Traditional art is all hand drawn by Little, we will never steal another artists' work. We also write & illustrate comics and stories. 

We ship within 3-5 days of order placement and we provide free shipping to the United States, International has free shipping with orders of $50.00 or higher. 

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We will never spam you or send you a million e-mails.  Nor will we give out your info. EVER. 

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We LOVE Custom Orders!

Melissa McCarthy

Thank you Little&Big for giving me such a priceless token. Because of you, I've been able to bring Clementine to Texas with me! I will highly recommend you to all my friends! 

Both of my orders came in a super timely manner and were packaged nicely. The Detailing done to replicate both of my pets was amazing and they both turned out super adorable. Overall a great experience and results and I would order again! 

Ella Rupp

I have commissioned a number of Designs from Little&Big and each one has exceeded my expectations. So much detail and care goes into everything they make.

Mark Herman

We love working with charity.

Work for a non-profit or charity organization and would like to discuss what we can do for you?

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These Design Collections all donate back to Birds & Beaks Rescue & Rehab.


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