Unfortunately due to Covid-19 and having Stage 3 Cancer we have had to stop carrying products and only work on a commission basis. At this time we are moving into a new direction that is safe for our family, considers its neurodivergent, educational, emotional needs, and is not as costly to upkeep.

We're focusing on digital art but are still taking commissions for sculptures, multi media, and jewelry.

Thank you for supporting us and our way forward! We greatly appreciate you.

No seriously, Thanks. c:

Commissions & What You Need to Know

First, have an idea of what you'd like from us. If you don't really have a direction you can always work with me to figure out what you're looking for.

Next, I will give you an estimate on what you'd like to have done, and then after a rough sketch is made 40% of the estimate is paid via a secure Pay Pal invoice for larger orders, 100% paid for simple illustrations.

If you go over the estimate you will be notified before any further action is taken. For example; you, the customer having the picture redrawn and recolored would take extra time therefore extra time is needed to complete the picture.

I work for $25.00 an hour. Below are examples of the time tables and payment for the provided examples of commission.

I seriously appreciate you, as this is how I contribute to my family. & it is very nurturing to pay our bills, buy our Christmas gifties, buy snacks for our children, or even just the coffee with our art!

Have a nice day, & thank you for being so lovely!

Short Story or Blog Commissions

Hire Big to write you something snazzy!

D&D or RPG Short Story

Big will write you a short story with the details you provide and consultate on!


Detailed portraits like this take about *8 hours so $200.00 + tax.


An adorable companion portrait like this, with one companion, choice of flora, and sparkles costs a flat rate of $25.00 + tax. An additional $5.00 + tax is charged per companion.


Whimsical scenes with whatever you dictate take about *10 hours so about $250.00 + tax


Adorable illustrations like this are a flat rate of $35.00 + tax.

Family Portrait

A simple family portrait like this is $35.00 for up to 6 family members. After 6 an additional $5.00 + tax is charged per family member. companion. Animals count as family members.

Custom Coloring Pages

Color my art yourself! $10.00 + tax for 3 images of my line art that you can customize, so you or a special loved one can color it after. I email you copy so you can print it an unlimited amount of times.

Fanart Donations

Suggesting fanart is always free, however you can pay me $15.00 + tax to make you art and you can request sizes for the picture. (Wallpapers etc.) Nothing that isn't family friendly to be peepin' will be drawn.


Clay or Resin Jewelry such as pins, charms, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cuff links take about *2 hours, so $50.00 + tax with free shipping in the US!

Sculpture Mug Misc.

Clay or Multi-Media sculpture shipped to your door!

Something like this takes about *5 hours, so $125.00 + tax with free shipping in the US.

D&D Character Commission

Full body Monster or Character art for your D&D campaign. Full body takes about 5 hours so $125.00 + tax.

Waist up takes about *2.5 hours so $62.50 + tax.

Face only is a flat rate of $35.00 + tax